July 17, 2009


My roomies all know that I absolutely refuse to eat instant noodle, even if I'm stuck on the edge of the world with nothing but a bowl of instant noodle. My mom on the other hand seem to think I thrive off of it, and buys it regularly. I try to make various ways to make it feel healthier, but it's still so greasy and gross. :/

That's her "I'm going to roll over right now and your hand better be scratching my tummy" look.

4 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

OOOM GGG WHAT IS THAT ?! That's NOT INSTANT NOODLE..it looks so good O_O!!! -droolz- .... lol Taffy is cute x] when shes not too jumpy T-T

Jelobee said...

My mom bought it cause it's 炸酱面 flavoured, and you're not supposed to put water in it (PRESERVATIVES GALORE). Just microwave and stir. @_@

mooning moonie said...

Oh those non-泡-required ones.
I thrived on instant noodles while I was in 云南 because I ran over my budget with plane tickets LOL.

That guy has hot eyes.

Jelobee said...

Not healthy no sir.

Detox tiem nao.