July 4, 2009

Flip Mino

Managed to add a few more sketchbook pages to the garbage can today... I think I've got around 10 more pages left... which is sad since it took me 5 months to fill out 42 pages and trash 20 more. So much talent in the failing department. :/

In other news, I won a FlipMino like 3 days ago. Planning to sell it though, we just bought a camcorder last year and this thing is well... less functional. But everyone on Youtube and their mothers have one... meh.

2 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

HOW DID U WIN THAT THING O_O...-shocked- LOL zomg love ur sketches..T__T ".....the lines and the sketchiness <3

Lou said...

I see you're still drawing smexy ladies XD
Totally in love with your drawings still. Just found out that I can access blogspot with the internet at work ^^ What's up?