June 30, 2009

Silly Blogger :/

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I haven't been able to create a new post for 3 days now. A new error has been running around Blogspot apparently, and bah it's annoying. :/ I did manage to find a new way to create posts, but it takes much longer than clicking on a button. Meh.

Anyway, since Snowy was so curious... We went to a lil farm town called St.Jacobs on Sunday. Mommy really wanted to go eat pork hocks in this small German restaurant. Those things were gigantic! The piccy's really blurry cause the lighting inside was pretty dim, and daddy couldn't wait to start eating... It looked really mushy and stuff, but mommy (and Taffy) really liked it.

My dad wanted me to order a plate of veal, to which I started making a big fuss about. The waitress was laughing at daddy and me so he let me get chicken instead. I only ate the sidedishes though, but it smelled really good. :O

June 27, 2009

oCing (5)

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3 real quick (and ugly) doodles on openCanvas. Snowy was there, but she kept hiding her stuff. :/

June 25, 2009

oCing (4)

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(Not really happy with this one... Me left, Snowy right)

(Eh. Me left/brown, Snowy right/blue)

Yeah, I saw Transformers 2. Didn't have high expectations going in, so I guess I can't say it's bad. Watch this movie if you like loads of flashy CGI, cheezy storyline, and Megan Fox's cleavage (no complaints there).

June 24, 2009

oCing (3)

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(Me on the left, Snowyapple on the right)

I've been playing (and sucking at) Halo 3 lately. It's actually my first shooter game, and I did originally purchase Xbox360 with the intention of learning how to play FPSes. My eyes have always been real sensitive to moving things, and so shooting games on the PC make me real dizzy. I think playing Halo and Resident Evil has helped, but then there's the problem with my non-existent hand-eye coordination. :/

June 21, 2009


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Of course I've been busy... just not busy drawing. >_>

June 17, 2009

oCing (2)

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Doodled again with Snowy (middle) and friend (right). We went kinda crazy. xD

Without the scribbles. Just gonna leave her like this, she doesn't need arms. :(

And a Taffy. :D

June 16, 2009

oCing (1)

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Picked up openCanvas again, and doodled with Snowy. Lotsa fun~ :D

There was a doggy festival downtown last weekend. Couldn't take many piccies of doggies cause there was SO MUCH PEOPLE. Taffy got lotsa free stuff though. :DD

June 12, 2009


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Random 30min doodle, I was too distracted watching a friend play Prototype (<3). Speaking of games...

... Yeah, I'm a compulsive shopper. :/ All the games I bought last month, haven't opened a single one of them yet. :S

June 10, 2009

Oh my...

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I feel strangely attracted to this... (check out the reviews on it <3)

No drawings today (cept the daily Taffy), walked/bused to Markham (!!!) this morning to buy games. They're really starting to pile up... but I just haven't been in a gaming mood since school ended. Meh... at least they're pretty to look at. :S

June 9, 2009


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Too tired today...

June 8, 2009


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(WIP maybe :S?)

Anyway, just have to say...
"Fran > Entire FFX cast sans Auron"
The person who made that comment is my new best friend.

And some Asian girl on Youtube said:
"One of my friends is a mixture of people black and white"
Made me rofl for 10 minutes straight.

June 7, 2009


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So much Nintendo love, they totally owned E3 just with those 2 reveals~~~ <3 T__T

June 6, 2009

E3 (2)

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(She moved. D:)

(Again... DD:)

(And this has fail written all over it. =_=)

HA!! HA!!! What was that Squeenix? FFXIV isn't gonna be PS3 exclusive? Like which other supposedly PS3 exclusive FF game? What was that about PRINTING MONEY??? Okay yes.

And WHERE'S MY ALAN WAKE DEMO???? The E3 demo was so T___T... the 6 year wait is totally worth it! <3

June 5, 2009


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(James Jean study)

Soooo much good stuff at E3 this year. Natal and Lionhead's way too ambitious me thinks, and like 80% of the games announced are sequels (Mass Effect 2!! :DD). I shed a tear while watching the trailer for MGS Peacewalker (OMG Outer Heaven! *cries*), I totally loved MGS3 and Big Boss is one of my biggest heroes. Gonna pick up a PSP just for him~~ <3

And then Imma go steal a PS3 to play Last Guardian, and gonna cry my eyes out the entire time. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are the reasons why I wanna make games someday. :(

June 4, 2009

I hate titles

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I decided last night that I suck at drawing, and so I'm learning how to draw from the beginning. That means lots of shamelessly bad drawings for the next few months.

I ran over to an old friend's house today so he could help me install Photoshop CS4 since Painter's too rebellious. It didn't activate properly, but he ended up showing me this painting tutorial by Andrew Jones. It was just so... inspirational. Every piece of his work is like an spiritual journey of some kind.

June 3, 2009


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So my prettiful Painter decided to throw a royal fit and totally delete my entire brushes + pattern + texture library, and of course I'm not in the greatest mood. It's backed up and stuff but Painter is too anal and is just spitting bugs at me. That and I've been really hating on my drawing style. UGH.

And then SquareEnix decides to announce Final Fantasy XIV at E3. Okay, pretty trailer, but I've stopped being excited bout Squeenix ever since Enix came along and made Square a money printer. They made more craptastic games than the number of clothing I own. AND WHERE'S XIII??????

Assassin's Creed 2 better pwn or Imma go stab someone. :(

But the day is saved by Kojima and his cute Engrish as he announced METAL GEAR SOLID RISING for XBOX!!!!!! With RAIDEEENNNN!!!!!!! Okay wall of text.

June 2, 2009


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My allergies have been killing me for the past 2 days, so instead of drawing, I forced myself to make brushes instead. I hate making brushes, they're such a time killer... =__=

June 1, 2009

Shopping Spree

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Went to see Up a few days ago... such an amazing movie. @_@ My mom was bawling her eyes out the entire time, she's scared of getting old. :S

There's a really nice warehouse near the airport, and they have some amazing sales every other month or so. I picked up like SOOOO much makeup and it was only around $40. Mom was so happy cause I only spend money on games. I've bought 6 games just last month, but I haven't even opened a single one of them yet... I feel so empty inside...

I love lip gloss.