June 1, 2009

Shopping Spree

Went to see Up a few days ago... such an amazing movie. @_@ My mom was bawling her eyes out the entire time, she's scared of getting old. :S

There's a really nice warehouse near the airport, and they have some amazing sales every other month or so. I picked up like SOOOO much makeup and it was only around $40. Mom was so happy cause I only spend money on games. I've bought 6 games just last month, but I haven't even opened a single one of them yet... I feel so empty inside...

I love lip gloss.

4 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

zomg no way where Dx i want cheap makeupz!!!!!!!!!!! lol ..have u opend ur p4 yet? >_> i feel bad for the games...lol its wrapped up and unable to breathe!! Dx OPEN THEM ~~

Katherine Lim said...

what a girl lol. way to fall off the face of the (e)Arth.
you've been deemed the "cone of shame" muahaha.

Jelobee said...

Snowy> Nah, no time to play them, they're all gonna gather dust. Better to have a layer of protection on them. :)

Kat> !!!
Cone of shame > all. D:

Snowyapplez said...

zomg ITS KATHERINEEEEE LIM Lol full name!!!! -stalks-
ahahaha "cone of shame"!!! XD roflz~