June 3, 2009


So my prettiful Painter decided to throw a royal fit and totally delete my entire brushes + pattern + texture library, and of course I'm not in the greatest mood. It's backed up and stuff but Painter is too anal and is just spitting bugs at me. That and I've been really hating on my drawing style. UGH.

And then SquareEnix decides to announce Final Fantasy XIV at E3. Okay, pretty trailer, but I've stopped being excited bout Squeenix ever since Enix came along and made Square a money printer. They made more craptastic games than the number of clothing I own. AND WHERE'S XIII??????

Assassin's Creed 2 better pwn or Imma go stab someone. :(

But the day is saved by Kojima and his cute Engrish as he announced METAL GEAR SOLID RISING for XBOX!!!!!! With RAIDEEENNNN!!!!!!! Okay wall of text.

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Snowyapplez said...

lol i thought the samething Dx when i heard ff14 was coming out ... and what happend to the ff13 verses with the emo looking guy Dx ?! the mgs for psp looked cool ~~ the new psp looked weird..its like a cell ... Dx if u dont like ur drawing style give it to me <3 :D ~~