June 30, 2009

Silly Blogger :/

I haven't been able to create a new post for 3 days now. A new error has been running around Blogspot apparently, and bah it's annoying. :/ I did manage to find a new way to create posts, but it takes much longer than clicking on a button. Meh.

Anyway, since Snowy was so curious... We went to a lil farm town called St.Jacobs on Sunday. Mommy really wanted to go eat pork hocks in this small German restaurant. Those things were gigantic! The piccy's really blurry cause the lighting inside was pretty dim, and daddy couldn't wait to start eating... It looked really mushy and stuff, but mommy (and Taffy) really liked it.

My dad wanted me to order a plate of veal, to which I started making a big fuss about. The waitress was laughing at daddy and me so he let me get chicken instead. I only ate the sidedishes though, but it smelled really good. :O

2 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

lol those looks ...mushy indeed.....but i wana try them sometime xD!!

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