May 31, 2009


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BAAHHH got caught up preping stuff for summer camp. 1 more month till it starts~! I got most of my plans and stuff approved, so now I can finally chill and play a bit... maybe. x_x Anyway, gonna try and get scanner set up so I actually have stuff to post, and umm... yeah. Not really happy with this pic. :/

May 26, 2009


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Nothing to post today, don't feel like setting up the scanner. Been trying to hack my Wii lately, it can do some pretty cool stuff. :)

May 22, 2009

Buhd 2

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May 21, 2009


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May 19, 2009

SMT: DS2!!?!?

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I always love going to Asian markets, mainly cause Chinese people don't really care about what they're wearing as long as it's got a big logo on it.

BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT'S IMPORTANT OMGOMGOMG. I just like totally dragged my mom across town to some remote EB Games so I can get my pretty hands on THIS:::::
OMGOMG I was practically in tears when the dude told me it was the last copy... AND IT'S RAIHO DOLL EDITION TOOOOOOO!!! *spasms* It was just covered in dust and the gay EB price sticker wouldn't let go and OMG BUT'S IT'S PRETTY AND IT'S MINE. DDDDD:

May 16, 2009


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Nothing interesting happened lately, I've been busy working on a schedule for the art class I'm hired to teach starting in July. It's quite hard to come up with 50 things to draw, and even harder to keep them interesting. I was never taught how to draw myself, so it'll be a big challenge I think, especially since the students are really young kids. :S

Going to watch Star Trek again tomorrow, cause it's such an awesome movie. But every time Spock appears, I just can't get this scene out of my head...

Yeah, that's enough drawing for today. =__=

May 14, 2009


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Don't really feel like drawing today... There's a huge Pokemon craze going around Japan (again!) after the announcement of the new games. Some of the drawing done by the fans were AMAZING... Makes me wanna fly to Japanland and catch 'em all too... @__@

Angels and Demons tomorrow! *drools*

May 13, 2009

Pig Cold

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My brother just came down with the flu. Mom's actually very calm about it, even with the whole swine flu thing. But I do think that when it first started, the media made it seem bigger than it is. It's hard to even find news on it recently. :/


May 9, 2009

Say what?!

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This made me cry a lil inside. (ι´Д`)ノ♪

Didn't get much time to draw today, but this image popped up... not sure what it means. :S

Oh yeah, checked course marks today. I was real nervous about this semester cause many of the teachers weren't very... specific/communicative about how we were doing in class. But anyway, managed to keep them straight A's going for another year. ( ̄^ ̄)

May 8, 2009

Photos (01)

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Haven't drawn anything worth posting, my arm's been really stiff-feeling. Been fiddling with my cellphone lately, and found out that it can take some not-so-bad quality photos too. Such amazing phones, them Sony Ericssons. ;D

I was like OMGYES! when I found this in the bargain bin... Collector's Edition for only $7!!! This is full of Clint Eastwood Hotness and plus daddy's favourite genre is Western (we watched 3:10 to Yuma together 3 times~~ :D). Just looking at it makes me happy~ xD

And ohohoh check it out, right before a storm moves in...

I love skies. :D

Edit: This almost escaped my mind *gasp*, hoping to go see it this weekend~

May 6, 2009

New Layout~

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And it's PINK! :D Not completely happy with the top piccy but w/e, can't be bothered with it anymore. It's only day 3 with tabby and it's already got a tiny scratch IN THE MIDDLE. D: My pen nib's been rubbed down, even though I've consciously been trying to press lighter the entire time. And now I have a huge shoulder cramp from doodling too much... =___=

Leone~~~ Haven't drawn here since forever. >_< TINY BOOBIES! *gets shot*

May 5, 2009


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A real quick doodle of my bro done yesterday (no he's not cute), still getting used to the tablet's expresskeys. I always seem to press undo accidentally, no matter which key I assign it to. :/ Anyway, been busy working on a new layout. Yesh.


May 4, 2009

Tabby <3

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OMGOMG Tabby tabby tabby~ Woke up at 8 to wait for the delivery man to drop from the glowing heavens above to deliver my baby... And he ended up getting here at 2. BUT IT'S HERE!

The packaging is mighty pretty, even though the Canadian customs totally busted it up (the cardboard box it was shipped in got 5 coatings of tape. D:). Compared to this, my 6 year old tiny Graphire2 was like painting with a stick compared to some sable-haired $600 paintbrush.

I have *cough*stolen*cough* BORROWED my roomie's gigantica (9x12Intuos3) before, and compared to that, Intuos4 is better but still lacking. The ExpressKeys got a LCD upgrade, but the panel itself is really... shiny, which means fingerprints galore. The buttons are annoyingly hard to press down, but the LCD thingies are way cool! (It does lag though when changing text. =S) The touch-ring is like an iPod on your keyboard, except this one refuses to rotate canvas on Painter~~~ T_T

And the pretty nibs~~ They're really pretty to look at, but I think they're more of a "pros" tool. The surface of the drawing area is really matte though, so the nibs might wear down faster than older versions. But it does give it a nice graphite-on-paper feel. <3>

May 3, 2009


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OMG I never knew!
Making this a less formal blog now, cause otherwise I have nothing to post. Have to admit, I did enjoy talking to myself on that last neglected blog. Oh and getting my new tabby tomorrow~ Can't wait! x3