May 4, 2009

Tabby <3

OMGOMG Tabby tabby tabby~ Woke up at 8 to wait for the delivery man to drop from the glowing heavens above to deliver my baby... And he ended up getting here at 2. BUT IT'S HERE!

The packaging is mighty pretty, even though the Canadian customs totally busted it up (the cardboard box it was shipped in got 5 coatings of tape. D:). Compared to this, my 6 year old tiny Graphire2 was like painting with a stick compared to some sable-haired $600 paintbrush.

I have *cough*stolen*cough* BORROWED my roomie's gigantica (9x12Intuos3) before, and compared to that, Intuos4 is better but still lacking. The ExpressKeys got a LCD upgrade, but the panel itself is really... shiny, which means fingerprints galore. The buttons are annoyingly hard to press down, but the LCD thingies are way cool! (It does lag though when changing text. =S) The touch-ring is like an iPod on your keyboard, except this one refuses to rotate canvas on Painter~~~ T_T

And the pretty nibs~~ They're really pretty to look at, but I think they're more of a "pros" tool. The surface of the drawing area is really matte though, so the nibs might wear down faster than older versions. But it does give it a nice graphite-on-paper feel. <3>

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Lou said...

Zomg...Intuos 4 D:
Better keep it somewhere safe, I'm coming for it >=)