May 6, 2009

New Layout~

And it's PINK! :D Not completely happy with the top piccy but w/e, can't be bothered with it anymore. It's only day 3 with tabby and it's already got a tiny scratch IN THE MIDDLE. D: My pen nib's been rubbed down, even though I've consciously been trying to press lighter the entire time. And now I have a huge shoulder cramp from doodling too much... =___=

Leone~~~ Haven't drawn here since forever. >_< TINY BOOBIES! *gets shot*

3 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

oo oo o oo i wana c the other chars too =O

Jelobee said...

No nevar. D: They're not cool enough. D:

Snowyapplez said...

pshh T^T such liesss