May 16, 2010

May 16 2010

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No scanner, protect your eyes.

See, I haven't been drawing.
Gonna try to bs less this summer. :/

February 2, 2010


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Bleh blog. :(

My new playtoy and obsession. I love expensive toys.

Some leftover stuff from previous sketchbook.

Finally had the guts to pick up a Moleskine for my new sketchbook. Ended up screwing the first few pages completely. :/

January 3, 2010

Vegas! (Picture Heavy)

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Just got back from a trip to Vegas and Los Angeles. It was a hectic week full of walking, eating, and sleeping, and I had absolutely no time to draw. So instead, I had to take loads of pictures. :S

Gonna post the piccies starting with...


There were loads of rocks

and funky statues,

saw the Grand Canyon, which wasn't quite exciting,

saw the world's largest projection screen, the world's largest gold nugget,

and the world's coolest feet.

Favourite place? Definitely the Venetian.

And can't forget McDonald's steak sandwich.

Piccies from Los Angeles will be posted... when I feel like it. :/