December 4, 2009


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Imma need to start a new blog that's a bit more... serious *cough*. Like a portfolio blog or something without all these ramblings. I like to ramble. Ramblleeeeee

November 20, 2009


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Eheheh never knew I had a blog. :D

Been working on a sketchbook for portfolio, trying to fill up at least 2 pages (double sided) a day.
Other half of sketchbook are doodles of more realistic women, but they're ugly. :(

Other uninteresting things that have occupied my recent life:

Gave my baby a makeover,

met the love(s) of my life,

but he was taken :(,

so now I cry myself to sleep every night.

That is if I actually have the time to worry bout that. :/
School sucks.

October 12, 2009


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Pen doodles.

Watched the Chinese 60th Anniversary parade with my parents during the Thanksgiving weekend. My mom got real excited when the soldiers came marching out.

Mom: Just look at all those handsome men marching in a row! They're the best part of this parade!
Dad: ......
Mom: Well, what I mean is that I sure hope our son grows up to be like one of them... haha...
Dad: Psh, why wait, just get your daughter to bring you one home.
Me: You mean for me or for my mom?

Yeah. >_>

October 5, 2009


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Nothing new/special, too lazy to scan stuff as always.

October 1, 2009


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Horrible scan job, as always. I draw on coloured paper, but scan it as black/white. Maybe that's why? D:

Yeah, the scanning old drawings plan didn't go very well, I'm always so eager to get away from school as soon as class ends. :S

Will scan! Tomorrow!

September 23, 2009


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30min doodle for painting class done 2 years ago. Just found it today. xD;;

No scans yet, too lazy/busy. :P

September 16, 2009

Room tour~

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My room is finally done.. after a week of not being able to see the floor~ xD;;
Of course, me and Snowy are sharing a room. It's this really yucky green, but eh, at least it's not black. :S

Gaming corner~

Still a bit messy... and REALLY squishy <3. And that Chuck Jones calendar is soooo full of win, I'm just so proud of it. xD;;

September 15, 2009


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Finally got internet set up yesterday, and my room is pretty much complete. Gotta find some time... I mean motivation to draw now. =_=

September 4, 2009


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Haven't been feeling quite well for the past week... I had some stomach problems, but that's over with. My seafood allergy's been real strong again all of a sudden, and I've been getting these weird chest pains. Then I caught the flu 2 days ago from my dad, and I just realized I've dropped a large amount of weight in the past 2 weeks. Deadly yes? :S

My drawing stuff has all been packed up, so I have absolutely nothing new to show. Next time I'll update will probably be after the first day of school, gonna hopefully scan some old school stuff.

August 29, 2009


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Got my eyes checked yesterday. Apparently there's something growing on the back of my eye that may eventually affect my vision. Ah well, at least my degree hasn't increased for the past 4 years, even though I camp in front of the computer/TV every second of my waking life. :)

August 26, 2009

Old School?

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Look at that. I finally got PS1 games to work. Time for some old school fun. Well... next month.

That commission thing I've been doing has been really piling up, but I'm just reallly not in the mode to draw. I've been racking my brains preparing for our third year film lately, and I'm completely stressing out about the upcoming year. If only these piccies can colour themselves...

August 25, 2009


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I'm not sure why, but I've been feeling really stressed out for the past few days. I haven't been able to sleep for 3 nights now, and these migraines are just insane. My dinner haven't been staying in my body real long either, I'm wondering if I just got infected with some deadly disease or the like.

My PSP arrived yesterday~~ No, the screen is perfectly scratch free, that streak is some weird reflection. It came with a few games that I'm planning to sell (>_>), and this HUGE 5lb PSP case. PSPs have really ugly cases. :/

It only took around 10min to mod, but appearantly it's currently impossible to run PSX games on my model. Bah. :( Oh well, can't play much anymore, school is just around the corner.

August 22, 2009


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I was requested to do a lil... "how I draw" sequence thing, so doodled up a drawing of Clotho. This took 2 hours, which is way longer than I usually spend, cause I wasn't too happy with the pose/details. :S

Rough sketches~ The pose is very important to me, so I doodle 5-10 real rough scribbles till I find a pose that feels okay. Then I stick on some guidelines/minor details...

And poof! :D

Okay, so it's not the most helpful thing in the world... I kept getting distracted and forgot to take more screenies. xD;;;

August 20, 2009

Titles are useless :/

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Hmm... been watching too much Project Runway lately. :S

Still waiting for PSP, getting nervous nervous nervous~ I will totally cry if it cannot be modded since I purchased it almost exclusively to play old PS1 games. PS1 and SNES (and PS2) are definitely my favourite consoles of all time, and I cannot wait to relive the old days on a handheld. <3

August 19, 2009


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There's this 6 year old boy whom I've been trying to teach the alphabet to every morning for the past 2 months. It's quite frustrating that he still cannot identify any of the letters, or even sing the alphabet song. My mom warned me that he might have a learning disability, but I've been told to just keep trying. This non-progress thing really makes me feel useless, and I don't think the boy likes me much when I'm trying to drill all those letters through his head. :/

August 17, 2009


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August 16, 2009


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A character commission for someone from a MMORPG. I'm gonna try to do a lotta commissions before school starts so I don't have to grind as much when I play. xD;;

It's fun doing fan art, actually. I've never been a fan of doing fanart (except Dante, he's too hot to pass up <3), but it's nice to start a piece of drawing with half of the planning already done. Looks like my yucky anime style is gonna have to stay around a lil longer though. :S

August 15, 2009


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I think I am officially addicted to eBay... I just bought a brand new shiny PSP for $100!!! Just hoping and praying that it's not a scam, it sounded just too good to be true... especially since they're $190 after taxes around here. @__@;;

Edit: Bahaha I just found out that the $100 PSP turned out to be a copycat that plays NES/GBA/Genesis/other 32-bit stuff. I canceled my payment but found another one that comes with lotsa extra goodies for $140. :P

After looking through a list of PSP games, though, I really can't say that the wannabe is any bad. There's at least 50x more worthwhile games to play on that than Sony's thumb-killing machine. Oh well, I'll feel better when the new Metal Gear comes out. <3

August 13, 2009

Titania ver2?

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August 12, 2009


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August 11, 2009

Lilim ver2.0

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Still not completely happy with this, but I'm so bloody tired right now... I need a holiday or something...

August 10, 2009


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Today's daily excuse for failing at drawing is the heat. Gonna work on this one some more, she's too special to be left ugly like that. :(

Btw, these are the two crappy games Squeenix had been working on instead of FFXIII. Ok, so the gameplay(s)'s not bad, but the stories are so overdone that it's barfable, and Squeenix's QC department probably got abducted by aliens.

August 7, 2009


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My voice was really husky this morning. I really liked how it sounded and got busy chatting with every kid who dared to cross my path. By noon, my voice was completely gone.

My brother's friend from camp called this afternoon. Our short convo went something like this:

Him: Hi, is Darren home?
Me: No, call back after 7.
Him: Ok... who are you?
Me: His sister.
Him: Oh... (long pause) What's your name?
Me: Yo kid, you ain't old enough to try that on me k?
(hangs up)

Ok no, I didn't say that. In fact, I probably sounded like a 50 year old pedophile more than anything. That explains the long pauses. :D

August 6, 2009

Shinies :D

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So here are my new babies~! I got them on Tuesday, and I swear I almost hugged the delivery man (he was pretty hot xD;;)~!!! They're perfectly wrapped, and are gonna stay that way.

These games have been listed on eBay for $150+ (each!) for ages now, cause Atlus is known to never make more copies than the number of preorders. To my surprise, they decided to issue a REPRINT! So of course I stocked up right away~

Nocturne is definitely one of the BEST RPGs ever made, and it's not for the faint of heart. I've lost countless hours on this game; savepoints come BEFORE bosses, not AFTER! >_< But the atmosphere in this game is just incredible, kinda like Silent Hill but not really... @_@

More games arriving tomorrow (hopefully), though they're nowhere as exciting. :S

August 4, 2009

Eh.. :(

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So it turns out that I caught the flu with a mild fever on the side. :(

I went to work this morning since I wasn't expecting anything, and gawd, it was the worst experience ever. Trying to get 20 screaming kids to draw on the paper and not the table while finding time to blow your nose every 10 seconds is not easy at all. :(

August 3, 2009

Sore throat :(

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Since when did Halls make vitamin C drops?! My throat's been really battered for the past 3 days, I could barely speak/eat. I grabbed a bag of Halls today without looking, popped one in my mouth, and the miraculous all-healing candy did nothing. :( Why Halls???

Back to work tomorrow... hopefully I can talk by then. :(

August 2, 2009


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Yeah... lacking crappy drawings again. I don't usually draw on weekends. :/

Went to Marineland today~! It was so much smaller than we expected, I was hoping for a swimming pool or something. But we did manage to get splashed by orcas, so it was all worth it. :D