September 16, 2009

Room tour~

My room is finally done.. after a week of not being able to see the floor~ xD;;
Of course, me and Snowy are sharing a room. It's this really yucky green, but eh, at least it's not black. :S

Gaming corner~

Still a bit messy... and REALLY squishy <3. And that Chuck Jones calendar is soooo full of win, I'm just so proud of it. xD;;

3 giggles:

mooning moonie said...

^I spot a poster falling off the wall.

^I spot your foot/feet.

Jelobee said...


Amazing eyes. @_@

mooning moonie said...


hahaha those were the first two things that grabbed my attention when I saw the pictures.

Nice room! So neat and tidy. Let's see how long you can keep that up xD

ong I'm craving Halo so bad right now..

BTW you should watch Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel if you have the time. It's quite funny xD