September 23, 2009


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30min doodle for painting class done 2 years ago. Just found it today. xD;;

No scans yet, too lazy/busy. :P

September 16, 2009

Room tour~

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My room is finally done.. after a week of not being able to see the floor~ xD;;
Of course, me and Snowy are sharing a room. It's this really yucky green, but eh, at least it's not black. :S

Gaming corner~

Still a bit messy... and REALLY squishy <3. And that Chuck Jones calendar is soooo full of win, I'm just so proud of it. xD;;

September 15, 2009


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Finally got internet set up yesterday, and my room is pretty much complete. Gotta find some time... I mean motivation to draw now. =_=

September 4, 2009


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Haven't been feeling quite well for the past week... I had some stomach problems, but that's over with. My seafood allergy's been real strong again all of a sudden, and I've been getting these weird chest pains. Then I caught the flu 2 days ago from my dad, and I just realized I've dropped a large amount of weight in the past 2 weeks. Deadly yes? :S

My drawing stuff has all been packed up, so I have absolutely nothing new to show. Next time I'll update will probably be after the first day of school, gonna hopefully scan some old school stuff.