July 31, 2009

Yay Zellers?

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My order of games has finally been shipped! :D

Yes, I'm the kind who refreshes the shipping status page 10 times every hour. Too bad Monday's a holiday, though, I won't be getting my package till next Tuesday. :(

There is a videogame sale at Zellers this week, so I ran over and managed to find 2 old Tom Clancy <3 games. But seriously, Zellers still sells 10 year old games that are more common than chips for $50. Only old grannies shop at Zellers. o_o

July 29, 2009

Consumerism ftw

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Bahaha, I just ordered 3 games on eBay for $150, and I'm still hoping to pick up another 2 for $50. Absolutely canNOT wait till they end up on my doorsteps~ <3

A bag of makeup I ordered online last week finally arrived this morning, and I found a lil tin of old school looking lip gloss snuck in for free~! Too bad it's in coconut flavour though, I really can't stand coconut. :(

July 27, 2009

Powerpuff Girls

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Taught the kids how to draw Powerpuff Girls today. None of them were old enough to have watched it *gasp!* but they were pretty into drawing them. Some of them came out really cute. :)

July 26, 2009

Halo animu

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Lol to Microsoft doing a Halo anime. They managed to get 5 of Japan's top animu companies to work on it (BONES! *nosebleeds*). The trailer was a bit deceiving, there seemed to be many styles... Or maybe it's gonna be like Animatrix? One studio one episode one style? :S

But more importantly, I'm praying that they don't mess up the Halo saga. And here's to hoping that they keep Chief's sexy voice. :)


July 25, 2009

Oh Stan... *-*

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Not gonna lie, haven't been drawing lately. :P

Comic-Con's running right now! It's the one convention that I've always wanted to go. Ah, to breathe the same air as Stan Lee... *faints*

So Resident Evil dude confirmed that Wesker died at the end of RE5, which is TOTAL BS YES??? (I mean, he's only died in EVERY RE GAME >_>) They're planning to reboot the series with RE6, but I'm just hoping they keep the original cast (INCLUDING SEXY WESKER YES?). IMO that's just another way of admitting how different (sucky?) RE5 is compared to the rest of the series.

Still waiting for Silent Hill~~~ <3 BAD CHERYL! SIT!

July 20, 2009


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I started watching Gargoyles today. It's a more.. mature animated series done by Disney back in 94 and was later canceled in 97. I've never heard of it since I was still in China back then, but I recently found out that Titania and Oberon's relationship played a part in the storyline, and I'm a sucker for anything mythological. :)

I have to say, compared to all the amazingly crappy shows Disney coughs out nowadays, the animation in Gargoyles is just absolutely gorgeous. Even the secondary characters in the background are animated so fluidly, and the dramatic poses are so inspiring.

And if my memory servers me right... I do believe my painting teacher mentioned something bout painting several backgrounds for the show. :O

July 19, 2009


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(evil giraffe head)

(she draws better than me!)

We went to African Lion Safari today, which is a drive-through zoo that houses mostly endangered species. My dad was like "please don't touch my car" the entire time, since monkeys and deers were chasing down cars all over the place. I broke my back carrying my sketchbook around, but my dad was too busy scaring the animals and refused to keep the car still. So I just took a bazillion pictures. Thanks dad. =__=

We saw a parrot show near the end, and my mom got excited and suggested we get a cockatiel. I'm not crazy bout birds, but at least that confirms my mom's opinion on me buying another pet. :D

July 17, 2009


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My roomies all know that I absolutely refuse to eat instant noodle, even if I'm stuck on the edge of the world with nothing but a bowl of instant noodle. My mom on the other hand seem to think I thrive off of it, and buys it regularly. I try to make various ways to make it feel healthier, but it's still so greasy and gross. :/

That's her "I'm going to roll over right now and your hand better be scratching my tummy" look.

July 16, 2009


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Eh, my allergy's been horrible for the past few days. Today I got a really bad headache too... I think I got kinda impatient with the kids. x_x

Ah yes, it was Harry Potter day yesterday. Can't believe I missed that! /sarcasm

July 15, 2009


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OMG today was horrible... I felt so uninspired that I resorted to drawing generic anime. Whatever happened to learning to draw? There are lines all over the place, the anatomy's all wrong, GAH I wanna rip it out. D: Yeah, I'm feeling an art block coming up.

I go into emo-mode when I can't draw... Which is like everyday... =__=

July 14, 2009


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Blahblahstiffgirlsblah nothing to post. :(

July 12, 2009


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Went to BestBuy today and found this cute camera on sale for a really good price. It's literally the size (and thickness!) of a pack of gum yet the picture quality is excellent with a little help from Photoshop. My dad was hesitant cause he was eyeing a digital SLR, so the manager threw in a $40 leather case for free.

I can finally retire my cellphone camera, though that might not be such a good thing since the only reason I use my cellphone is to take pictures. :S

July 9, 2009

Money where?!

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(Me left/Snowy right, don't like this one at all but I need a piccy to post...)

Yay, got a cheque from the government today~! Well technically it's my money being returned to me that I had never known was being taken from me in the first place... so it's not really free money right? @_@ Oh well, at least now I'm not completely broke anymore~!

July 7, 2009

New Layout

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Celebrate yay! I like my old one more though cause it had more pink. :(

I have two really confusing labels for my blog, and that's the "junk" category and "ramblings". I really don't know the difference between them myself, and usually just randomly stick posts in either of them. :/

More Taffy.

July 6, 2009

oCing (6)

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There I posted it happy Snowy? >_> Argh oC's paintbrush is so much more anal than I remember it, and my already fugtastic CGing skills had decided to take a hike. Oh those barf-worthy colours... Had to plaster some textures over it to make it viewable (watch your eyes!).

I realized my blog doesn't have a "view older posts" button, a few friends have complained about getting lost (really now people? More work for me?). In order to add that button though, I'll have to trash this layout and learn a new coding language, and frankly I'd rather have other people get lost on my blog than do that. But yes, I'll work up another layout soon.

July 5, 2009


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Found a microwavable/freezable bunny today. It smells like hotel soap, which I love. Right now it's temporarily serving as an oversized laptop cooler.

My job starts tomorrow, and I'm trying to get into the zone. You know, the one where you can tune out every sound, mess, smell, and existence of every other being. Yeah, it's gonna be fun.

July 4, 2009

Flip Mino

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Managed to add a few more sketchbook pages to the garbage can today... I think I've got around 10 more pages left... which is sad since it took me 5 months to fill out 42 pages and trash 20 more. So much talent in the failing department. :/

In other news, I won a FlipMino like 3 days ago. Planning to sell it though, we just bought a camcorder last year and this thing is well... less functional. But everyone on Youtube and their mothers have one... meh.

July 2, 2009


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I've been on a doodle run lately, though most of it has ended up in the garbage. I'm getting tired of my line quality, it's just so... meh. And the way I draw is still very much anime, which I really want to grow out of. :/

July 1, 2009

Look it's a...

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...neglected Leone! As usual, me left Snowy right, quick 10 min doodle, nothing special.

Happy Canada Day~!