July 5, 2009


Found a microwavable/freezable bunny today. It smells like hotel soap, which I love. Right now it's temporarily serving as an oversized laptop cooler.

My job starts tomorrow, and I'm trying to get into the zone. You know, the one where you can tune out every sound, mess, smell, and existence of every other being. Yeah, it's gonna be fun.

2 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

srsly where do u find these stuff..its so..UNcommon O_O!!! but it can be my warm buddy sheep's BFF XD~~~ GL / HF at work :D!!

Jelobee said...

My mom has an Asian one for her neck that's like the sack in your sheep but bigger. It smells so bad after microwaving it though...

Bunny doesn't have a sack, you have to stick the whole thing in the microwave, it's funny to watch it spin. And it smells like herbs too, the aromatherapy really helps with headaches and bad moods. <3