July 20, 2009


I started watching Gargoyles today. It's a more.. mature animated series done by Disney back in 94 and was later canceled in 97. I've never heard of it since I was still in China back then, but I recently found out that Titania and Oberon's relationship played a part in the storyline, and I'm a sucker for anything mythological. :)

I have to say, compared to all the amazingly crappy shows Disney coughs out nowadays, the animation in Gargoyles is just absolutely gorgeous. Even the secondary characters in the background are animated so fluidly, and the dramatic poses are so inspiring.

And if my memory servers me right... I do believe my painting teacher mentioned something bout painting several backgrounds for the show. :O

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mooning moonie said...

I totally remember watching this show on TV a few years back! ALong with this other cartoon that I also loved which I forgot the name of but it had this short black haired girl in it who was friends with this black panther.