July 7, 2009

New Layout

Celebrate yay! I like my old one more though cause it had more pink. :(

I have two really confusing labels for my blog, and that's the "junk" category and "ramblings". I really don't know the difference between them myself, and usually just randomly stick posts in either of them. :/

More Taffy.

3 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

OMGGG TEACH ME PLZ I WANA MAKE AN AWESOME LAYOUT TOOO -shakes lucy- omg ur taffy drawings are gettin better so fast D: !! It looks disney's storyboard pic to me now.. D: ... -pro- =[ !! Is Taffy on ur bed o_o...looks like she's on somones bed D: <3 so cute xD

Lou said...

Yes...teach me how to make an awesome layout too T-T
Somehow your old one looks more lively, I guess the darker grey brings out the pink more.

Jelobee said...

Snowy> DISNEYIWISH She sleeps on my bed all the time cause no one else's home. :(

Lou> Yessir more grey!