July 6, 2009

oCing (6)

There I posted it happy Snowy? >_> Argh oC's paintbrush is so much more anal than I remember it, and my already fugtastic CGing skills had decided to take a hike. Oh those barf-worthy colours... Had to plaster some textures over it to make it viewable (watch your eyes!).

I realized my blog doesn't have a "view older posts" button, a few friends have complained about getting lost (really now people? More work for me?). In order to add that button though, I'll have to trash this layout and learn a new coding language, and frankly I'd rather have other people get lost on my blog than do that. But yes, I'll work up another layout soon.

3 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

ZOMG IT LOOKS SO much sexier now!!!! <3333 ITS NOT UGLLY >__> u and ur ..scary expectations... =[ i can't post cuz the pics wont upload..olol @_@" maybe it'll work tomorrow :[

Jelobee said...

I just noticed her left (right? the BENT ONE) is GINORMOUS. GAH.

Snowyapplez said...

wut r u talking about >O i cant even see a bent arm..Lol not to mention Ginormous o_o