October 12, 2009


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Pen doodles.

Watched the Chinese 60th Anniversary parade with my parents during the Thanksgiving weekend. My mom got real excited when the soldiers came marching out.

Mom: Just look at all those handsome men marching in a row! They're the best part of this parade!
Dad: ......
Mom: Well, what I mean is that I sure hope our son grows up to be like one of them... haha...
Dad: Psh, why wait, just get your daughter to bring you one home.
Me: You mean for me or for my mom?

Yeah. >_>

October 5, 2009


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Nothing new/special, too lazy to scan stuff as always.

October 1, 2009


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Horrible scan job, as always. I draw on coloured paper, but scan it as black/white. Maybe that's why? D:

Yeah, the scanning old drawings plan didn't go very well, I'm always so eager to get away from school as soon as class ends. :S

Will scan! Tomorrow!