October 12, 2009


Pen doodles.

Watched the Chinese 60th Anniversary parade with my parents during the Thanksgiving weekend. My mom got real excited when the soldiers came marching out.

Mom: Just look at all those handsome men marching in a row! They're the best part of this parade!
Dad: ......
Mom: Well, what I mean is that I sure hope our son grows up to be like one of them... haha...
Dad: Psh, why wait, just get your daughter to bring you one home.
Me: You mean for me or for my mom?

Yeah. >_>

2 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

so prettttty lol @ bunny's hair flick ....get a boy for urself ofc ;D i wana c wut kind of a boy he would be~

mooning moonie said...

omg lol my mom cried when she sang to the national anthem.
She kept on calling me down to watch with her, but I had a test the next day so the process of watching pretty much consisted of running up and down the stairs an arbitrary number of times, enough exercise to last me the whole year.

Love the lines.
The girl's face beams a renaissance style :O j'adore.. but what is going on down there lol