July 29, 2009

Consumerism ftw

Bahaha, I just ordered 3 games on eBay for $150, and I'm still hoping to pick up another 2 for $50. Absolutely canNOT wait till they end up on my doorsteps~ <3

A bag of makeup I ordered online last week finally arrived this morning, and I found a lil tin of old school looking lip gloss snuck in for free~! Too bad it's in coconut flavour though, I really can't stand coconut. :(

3 giggles:

mooning moonie said...

Did you get it from eyeslipsface? I was going to order from there too xD
So glad to see you posting your drawings!! They're very awe-inspiring! I'm starting to feel the urge to pick up my pencil again..

Jelobee said...

It was from Coastal Scents, actually, not sure how the lip gloss slipped in. xD;;

My butt's probably more inspirational, but yes, you shall draw.

mooning moonie said...

Never heard of Coastal Scents :O:O
Imma go check it out right now.

Omg you can get your own makeup ingredients there...deadly.
I'm more interested in the soap, though.. Haha I have this obsession with handmade soap.

But you see, you didn't post any pictures of your butt on the internet so I'm going to have to make do with your drawings :( :(