July 12, 2009


Went to BestBuy today and found this cute camera on sale for a really good price. It's literally the size (and thickness!) of a pack of gum yet the picture quality is excellent with a little help from Photoshop. My dad was hesitant cause he was eyeing a digital SLR, so the manager threw in a $40 leather case for free.

I can finally retire my cellphone camera, though that might not be such a good thing since the only reason I use my cellphone is to take pictures. :S

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Lou said...
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Lou said...

Ohhhh cool! My first camera was also a Casio Exilim, and I loved it. I think Ying also had an Exilim =)
Btw, where did you find all those crayfish? o.0

P.S. I deleted my previous comment because of a grammar mistake...D:

Jelobee said...

Never owned a Casio before, they're not the greatest camera makers. This model got some great reviews though and it's such a tiny camera.

Those are horseshoe crabs, they were on sale at a supermarket. Don't look like there's much meat on them. xD

Lou said...

Ohhh yeah, horseshoe crab >.<
Anyways, DONT EAT IT! It's nasty and its related to spiders and ticks rather than fishies...AND they have 5 eyes!!! >.>

Jelobee said...


Lou said...

Theres 3 visible ones on the shell, but the one in the middle is usually mistaken as nostril. Theres one under him, and one more behind him. (Paraphrasing from Wikipedia) XD

Urmm, *poke poke* can you do a sketch for me so I can colour? You know that I am a huge fan of your girls *bows*

Snowyapplez said...

I LIKE GUM PACK SIZE CAMERA...so tiny + convient!!! and those...horseshoe crabs? looks nasty...and i've never seen them before, -disgusted look- scary looking things!! -shivers- 5eyes?? D: ewwww..-shivers some more-

Lou said...

*holds a horseshoe crab up at Snowy* Muahahaha!