June 6, 2009

E3 (2)

(She moved. D:)

(Again... DD:)

(And this has fail written all over it. =_=)

HA!! HA!!! What was that Squeenix? FFXIV isn't gonna be PS3 exclusive? Like which other supposedly PS3 exclusive FF game? What was that about PRINTING MONEY??? Okay yes.

And WHERE'S MY ALAN WAKE DEMO???? The E3 demo was so T___T... the 6 year wait is totally worth it! <3

3 giggles:

Snowyapplez said...

lol oo what did u use to draw that :O painter X? ~ lol does Taffy ever sleep.....

Jelobee said...

Painter XI, never had Painter X. And it's really hard to tell if she sleeps, she would randomly jump up every few minutes. :S

mooning moonie said...

Like how you rendered the folds on the left.

That's some serious buttocks.